We are a leading manufacturer of high quality dental equipment with a proud history dating back more than 25 years.
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Our equipment is designed to give your practice the innovation of tomorrow at a price you can afford today.
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Founded in 1986, Summit Dental Systems (SDS) has been manufacturing high quality, cost-effective dental equipment for over 30 years.  Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, the SDS line of equipment provides the user with proven functionality, dependable mechanics, and undeniable value.  Above all, we strive to produce the best quality dental equipment while maintaining an affordable price for our customers. 


Providing innovative solutions to your dental practice is our goal.  We understand our customers’ needs and provide a wide array of products well-suited for various dental applications.  We also know that the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, which is why our dedicated customer service team and highly skilled technical department provide our customers with the personal and professional support they need. 


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4) Receive your quote from an SDS team member who will work alongside your local dealer to customize the best solution for your practice's needs.

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