1607 Cuspidor Post Mounted


Short Description

The 1607 Cuspidor offers a porcelain bowl that resists staining and chipping, assistant's instrumentation conveniently located on the control ring and a timed bowl rinse and manual cup fill that can be activated from the cuspidor. With a break-away assembly to prevent damage from possible obstruction during the chair operation, the 1607 Cuspidor is designed to last. With smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, the 1607 Cuspidor is a functional, reliable addition to any practice looking to provide their patients with the ability to rinse between procedures.

Assistant Instrumentation Features

Porcelain Bowl
Break-Away Bowl
Cup Fill and Timed Bowl Rinse
Water Quick Disconnect

Additional Information

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Features and Specs

Additional Specifications

Features and Specifications

  • Porcelain bowl
  • Cup fill and timed bowl rinse
  • Break-away bowl
  • SE & HVE
  • Water quick disconnect
  • Water flow control
  • Post mounted


  • Additional assistant's side syringe
  • Additional HVE

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