Biscayne Orthodontic Package # 2

Overview & Components

Short Description

The Biscayne Orthodontic Package # 2 combines our Biscayne hydraulic dental chair, 1335 halogen light, and 900SH mobile cabinet. With a hydraulic powered base and back, the Biscayne chair allows the operator to position the patient for easy access to the oral cavity. With a 2HP delivery system and vacuum package, the 900SH cabinet offers the operator with the necessary accessories to fully equip their operatory. With several accessory options and configurations available, it’s easy to see how the Biscayne Orthodontic Line can enhance any practice.

Package Features

Biscayne Chair
Post Mount
1335 Light
900SH 2HP Automatic Mobile Cabinet (SE, HVE, and 3-way Syringe)
Standard Doctor’s Stool

Additional Information