1440 4HP Euro Style Delivery Unit


Short Description

The 1440 Euro Style (Continental) Delivery Unit gives an operatory the flexible option to have handpieces dispensed from over the unit head via “whip arms.” The arms are spring loaded and gently retract the handpieces back into position once the operator has finished using them.

Delivery System Features

Over the Patient
4 Handpieces
Whip Arm Hosing
3-way Syringe
Adjustable Water Coolant Controls for all Handpieces
Speed Control for all Handpieces

Additional Information

Features and Specs

Additional Specifications

Features and Specifications

  • Over the patient
  • Whip arm hosing
  • 4HP automatic
  • 3-way syringe
  • Stainless steel instrument tray
  • Speed control for all Handpieces
  • Adjustable water coolant controls for all handpieces
  • Options

  • Remote cuspidor cup fill and bowl rinse
  • Handpiece illumination fiber optics system (5 hole or 6-pin)
  • Unit mounted chair control pad
  • Photos