1455 4HP Delivery Unit


Short Description

The 1455 Delivery Unit is engineered to give the operator the most flexibility available in the industry. With a simple construction and straightforward design, the 1455 is easily upgradable to accommodate the needs of any practice. The four handpieces allow for a wide range of instruments to streamline success in the operatory.

Delivery System Features

Over the Patient
4 Handpieces
3-way Syringe
Adjustable Water Coolant Controls for all Handpieces
Remote Cuspidor Cup Fill and Bowl Rinse
Speed Control for all Handpieces

Additional Information

Features and Specs

Additional Specifications

Features and Specifications

  • Over the patient
  • 4HP automatic handpiece selection
  • Speed control for all handpieces
  • Adjustable water coolant controls for all handpieces
  • Handpiece purge
  • 3-Way air/water syringe
  • Asepsis style headpiece hangers & tubing with Midwest connectors
  • Individual water coolant controls
  • Air-break arm assembly with ergonomically correct air-break handle
  • Stainless steel instrument tray
  • Wet/Dry foot control with single cell asepsis tubing
  • Metal quad-block handpiece manifold
  • Zero-retracting water relay
  • Complete line loss elimination of air to all handpieces to allow operator utilize handpieces at the manufacturer's recommended torque
  • Complete utility center with deluxe valves & regulators
  • Powder-coated baked finish


  • Remote Cuspidor Cup Fill and Bowl Rinse
  • Handpiece illumination fiber optics system (5 hole or 6-pin)
  • Unit mounted chair control pad