Viulux LED II Retrofit Upgrades
Upgrade to LED. SDS is now providing doctors with the option of keeping their existing operatory units and light posts and simply swapping out the halogen light head for our Viulux LED II light head.
Viulux LED II
SDS is shining a light on the dental industry. With lower energy consumption and longer life expectancy, our Viulux LED II operating light will not only illuminate smiles with brighter, cooler light but will also have you smiling with your savings.
Palm Beach Operatory Line Brochure
When only the very best will do, our Palm Beach Line is the pinnacle in technological innovation, superior design, and straightforward functionality. Ergonomically engineered with both the doctor and patient in mind, the Palm Beach Package’s accessibility is peerless. Meticulously detailed and manufactured with only the finest materials, you’ll see why the Palm Beach Package is unmatched in quality and comfort.
Daytona Operatory Line Brochure
Tailored to fit the needs of any practice, the Daytona Line provides flexibility in its accessory and instrumentation options allowing the user to determine the appropriate setup for their practice. Without sacrificing quality or dependability, the Daytona operatory packages are designed to give your practice the innovations of tomorrow at a price you can afford today.
Biscayne Orthodontic Line Brochure
The Biscayne Orthodontic Line provides simplistic functionality and a modern design, enabling the operator to work easily and efficiently while maintaining optimal patient comfort. With several accessory options and configurations available, it’s easy to see how the Biscayne Orthodontic Line can enhance any practice.
Biscayne E.L. Hygiene Line Info Sheet
The Biscayne E.L. Hygiene Line is the perfect fit for all your dental hygiene needs. With these standard features and additional optional features, you’ll see why the Biscayne E.L. Hygiene Package is the economical solution to bring quality and functionality to your practice.
Newport Operatory Line Info Sheet
Combining the luxury of the Palm Beach chair with the flexibility of the Daytona package, the Newport package brings class and efficiency to your practice. With a chair that is optimized for premium patient comfort and instrumentation that is functional and reliable, the Newport package is the perfect fit for any practice looking to add performance and style to their operatory.
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