Dr. Battisti - Enhancing Smiles and Creating Art

Dr. Battisti has been providing high quality orthodontic care in the tri-county area since 2002. SDS and Dr. Battisti are celebrating the grand opening of Battisti Orthodontics.

Dr. Danielle Battisti’s office is anything but boring.  The bold red color scheme and contrasting grainy & ivory fixtures give off a most un-dental vibe bringing nothing but relaxation and comfort to patients.  The autumnal accents, wooden floors, and fun art found in the tiles on the walls or river like stones in the reception area may cause patients to briefly lose themselves and think they are sitting in front of a creek, surrounded by Redwoods, relaxing.

Battisti Orthodontics is equipped with the SDS Biscayne hydraulic chairs, Palm Beach hydraulic chair, 900SH Mobile Cabinets, and Deluxe Doctor Stools.  The Biscayne chairs have been modified to include ponytail headrests and a custom Boltaflex upholstery option called New Burgundy. The 900SH cabinets have been upgraded to two different custom laminates and include our standard monitor mounts. The Palm Beach chair in the consultation room is upholstered in a neutral Walnut Ultraleather color that sets the room apart.

Dr. Battisti designed this beautiful office with the guidance of Henry Schein Equipment Specialist John Turner. For more information on Battisti Orthodontics and Dr. Battisti please feel free to go to their website at www.battistiorthodontics.com.

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