Dr. Hilgers - Dentistry in the Fast Lane

SDS is proud to present one of the most creative offices we chose to feature. Combing incredible originality in design and professional dental care Hilgers Orthodontics and Dr. Hilgers in Goodyear, AZ don’t just create straight smiles; they make every visit an adventure!

Bringing back that sweet nostalgia of the pure passion for the open road, Dr. Michael Hilgers’ office puts everyone’s smiles in gear. Hilgers Orthodontics utilized a little of the past with the eternal cool factor of cars in their d├ęcor causing patients to be wowed as they enter the office. And if being surrounded by a pretty rad atmosphere isn’t enough, patients can further enjoy their visit by watching movies on the monitors strategically placed on the ceiling above their chairs.

Hilgers Orthodontics is equipped with the SDS Biscayne E.L. chairs, 900CWS Mobile Cabinets, 1335 Light, and Standard Doctor Stools.  The Biscayne E.L. chairs and stools have been upgraded to Ultraleather upholstery and ponytail headrests. The 900CWS cabinets are standard with the drawers painted in Almond.

Dr. Hilgers designed this rocking office with the guidance of Equipment Specialist Dave Rosas. For more information on Hilgers Orthodontics and Dr. Hilgers please feel free to go to their website at www.hilgersorthodontics.com.

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