Smile 360 - Smiles Across the Globe

Smile 360 is one of Nigeria’s leading smile enhancement centers. Their internationally highly qualified orthodontist and experienced team provide clients with the latest techniques in orthodontics and the most pleasant experience possible.

Dr. Amy Traore designed her beautiful office with a natural theme mixing fresh bright colors and wood accented furniture. The office's open and contemporary look highlighted with tropical accents works to impart a sense of calm. As if the colors and equipment weren’t cool enough, patients are surrounded by breathtaking art and fixtures made from local trees.

Equipped with the SDS Palm Beach Euro Package #1, Biscayne Orthodontic Package #2, and 1340MD Ceiling Mounted Lights, Dr. Traore was able to streamline her office for success. Her Palm Beach Euro Package was upgraded to seamless Sassy Yellow Ultraleather and is composed with the top of the line Palm Beach Chair, 1440 Euro Delivery Unit, 1655 Cuspidor, 1340MD Light, and Deluxe Stools. The bay area includes the Biscayne chairs that have been modified to include side chair control membranes and Ultraleather upholstery.  Both the 900SH cabinets in standard white and surf and the ceiling mounted 1340MD offer the treatment room a clean and unclutured look. For more information on Smile 360 and Dr. Traore please feel free to go to their website at

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