1335 Operatory Light


Short Description

Proper lighting is essential to any dental practice, which is why our 1335 light offers a superior grade dichroic-coated lens with halogen bulbs that simulates natural daylight.

Light Features

Halogen Bulb
2 Axes of Rotation
Two Intensities: 15,000 LUX - 20,000 LUX
Color Correct
Powder-coated Baked Finish
Bilateral Handles

Additional Information

Features and Specs

Additional Specifications


  • Two axes of rotation
  • Two intensities
  • Steel arms with vertical and horizontal movement
  • Powder-coated baked finish compatible with all environments
  • Bilateral handles
  • Removable splash shield


  • Halogen bulb H3: 12V/55W
  • Dual-intensities: 20,000 LUX (high) 15,000 LUX (low)
  • Color correct: 4200 to 4700 Kelvin