1340MD Operatory Light


Short Description

The lighting of the operative field is one of the most crucial aspects of any dental practice. That is why doctors should be able to rely on their dental light to provide them with a clear view of their patients’ mouths. Our 1340MD halogen light delivers quality lighting and sleek aesthetics to any operatory.

Light Features

Halogen Bulb
3 Axes of Rotation
Two Intensities: 15,000 LUX - 22,000 LUX
Color Correct
Powder-coated Baked Finish
Bilateral Handles
Removable Splash Shield

Additional Information

Features and Specs

Additional Specifications


  • Three axes of rotation
  • Two intensities
  • Dichroic-coated glass optic glass reflector
  • Steel arms with vertical and horizontal movement
  • Powder-coated baked finish compatible with all environments
  • Bilateral handles
  • Removable splash shield


  • Halogen bulb H3: 12V/55W
  • Dual-intensities: 22,000 LUX (high) 15,000 LUX (low)
  • Color correct: 4200 to 4700 Kelvin


  • Chair post mounted, chair swing mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted